The Bella Coola Watershed Conservation Society, Establishing a sustainable watershed for fish, people and resources.

Snooka Creek Project

Habitat mapping and GPS ground surveys  on portions of Snooka Creek flowing west into lower reaches of Thorsen Creek, in the lower Bella Coola Valley.

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Fish Creek Project

Project Background & Scope, GPS Data Collection & Mapping, Fish Habitat Assessment, Water Quality, Benthic Invertebrate Assessment... and more.

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Skimlik Project

Assessment and detailed GPS mapping, of creek channels within the Skimlik Creek Watershed and the stream channel of the creek locally
referred to as Dump Creek.

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Flood Support Project

Inventory project areas of recorded damages to infrastructure/development, ecological features and fish habitat affected by 2010 and 2011 flood events.

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Aeriel Photos

Bella Coola watershed-based Aeriel reconnaissance and GPS mapping photos.... Data and imagery are strictly property of the BCWCS..Please visit our office to view library.

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Fish Sustainability Planning

Watershed-based Fish Sustainability Planning is a four-stage ‘process’ recommended by MOE and DFO to provide direction in community and watershed planning.

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