Curriculum Vitae

Non-profit society comprising local resource managers, individuals and experts in fish habitat and biology.

Russ Hilland – Curriculum Vitae


1970                           H.B. Sc. Biological Oceanography
                                    University of British Columbia


1970                           Laboratory Assistant
                                    Pacific Biological Station


1971-1972                Limnology Technician
                                    British Columbia Fish and Wildlife Branch


1973-1978                Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans
                                    Fisheries Management Biologist
                                    North Coast Areas 6-10


1976-1981                D.F.O. Salmon Enhancement Program
                                    Facilities Planning and Operations Support Biologist


1982-2000                D.F.O. Salmon Enhancement Program
                                    Operations Manager
                                    Snootli Creek Hatchery and Atnarko Project


2000-2004                Fisheries Ecologist
                                    Watershed Based Fish Sustainability Program Development


2004-2013                D.F.O. Oceans Habitat Enhancement Brand/ Ecosystems Management Branch
                                    Watershed Enhancement Manager


Russ Hilland, H.BSc